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How to Paint Your Garage Floor

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Why Paint Your Garage Floor? The garage isn’t typically the first thing on your list when you consider all the ways you can improve the look of your home. Often forgotten, the garage can actually be an additional living space in your home instead of cold room where junk is piled with no sensible order. … Read more

How to Install Heated Flooring-Easily!

Hopping from rug to rug on a cold day is something we’ve all done. Those cold floors would send chills from your feet, all the way up to your skull. Heated floors, though they’ve been around for awhile, seemed to only be possible for the rich and famous. But now, as these products have become … Read more

How to Stain Your Concrete Floor {Easily!}

How to Stain Your Concrete Floor {Easily!} – How To Build It| Concrete Floor, Stain Your Concrete Floor, How to Stain Your Floor, How to Paint Your Floor, How to Stain Concrete, How to Epoxy Concrete, Concrete Epoxy Hacks, How to Make Your Concrete Look Great

Concrete used to be thought of as a plain surface that you couldn’t do much with. But nowadays, it is entirely possible {and even easy!} to stain your concrete surfaces and give them a nice color. Let’s learn how to stain concrete floors from an expert. Concrete stains come in either water or acid-based, and … Read more

How To Spray Paint Cabinets

How to Spray Paint Cabinets – How To Build It How to Spray Paint Cabinets, Kitchen Updates, Kitchen Cabinet Updates, How to Paint Your Kitchen, Fast Ways to Update Your Home, Home Improvement, Home Improvement Hacks, How to Quickly Update Your Home, Best DIY Pins, Popular DIY Pins

Can you spray paint cabinets? You bet you can, and if you do the prep work beforehand, they will look amazing! Chrissi at First Home Love Life did it with her bathroom cabinet, and got excellent results. Like I mentioned, the prep work is extremely important for best results. This means that you need to … Read more

The Beginner’s Guide to Patching Drywall Flawlessly

How to Patch Drywall, Easy Ways to Patch Drywall, Home Improvement, Easy Home Improvement, How to Easily Patch Drywall, Quick Home Improvement Projects

Here is your beginner’s guide to patching small holes in drywall flawlessly. Believe me, if I can do it, you can too! Patching drywall is a great way to do an easy home renovation. Patching Drywall Let’s look at perhaps the most common reason why you would need drywall repair: doorknob damage. Someone opened a … Read more

Super Easy Ideas For DIY Projects For Old Window Frames

I love the look of vintage window frames. In fact, I came across the most gorgeous pair at a yard sale this last weekend. I fell immediately in love with the frames and knew that I had to use them as decor in my own home. Here are several ways that I plan on turning … Read more