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Professional Painting Tips

A fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest ways to liven up even the ugliest of living spaces! But for some, the thought of painting an entire room, wall, or house might sound a little intimidating. I get it! Painting can be scary. But it doesn’t need to be. Check out my list … Read more Professional Painting Tips

Bedroom Door Painting Trend Every Ugly Door Needs

When moving into our home a few years ago, one of my least favorite parts of our new spaces were the bedroom doors. Fortunately, this provided a relatively easy fix! To give them a little more life, I tried bedroom door painting. Painting the bedroom doors provided a super easy fix. It was great to … Read more Bedroom Door Painting Trend Every Ugly Door Needs

Paint Like a Pro With These Tips

I love a good painting project. It’s truly amazing what a simple coat of paint can do for a piece of furniture or the overall look of a space. However, as great as a fabulous paint job can be for your project, if done incorrectly, it can absolutely ruin everything you have done up until … Read more Paint Like a Pro With These Tips

How to Paint Your Garage Floor

How to Paint Your Garage Floor| Garage Floor, Painted Flooring, Garage Remodel, Garage Remodel, DIY Garage Remodel, Painted Flooring, Easy Painted Flooring, DIY Painted Flooring, Popular Pin #PaintedFlooring #Garage #GarageRemodeling

The garage isn’t typically the first thing on your list when you consider all the ways you can improve the look of your home. Often forgotten, the garage can actually be an additional living space in your home instead of cold room where junk is piled with no sensible order. Whether it’s a gym space, … Read more How to Paint Your Garage Floor

How to Paint A Checkered Wall

How to Paint A Checkered Wall| Painting Tips, Painting Tricks, Painting A Checkered Wall, Home Decor, Home Decor Tips, Home Improvement Hacks, Popular Pin #PaintingTips #PaintingHacks #HomeHacks

If you’re sick of looking at the same solid colors of paint in your home, a fun way to mix thing up is by adding visual stimuli to the room with a painted checkered wall. Thanks to a good online tutorial by Better Homes and Garden, you can do just that – all on your … Read more How to Paint A Checkered Wall

The {Correct!} Way to Spray Paint

The {Correct!} Way to Spray Paint – How To Build It| Spray Paint, Spray Paint Projects, Paint Projects, DIY Spray Paint Projects, How to Spray Paint, The Right Way to Spray Paint

Spray paint is a fun and inexpensive way to makeover lots of household items like furniture, décor items, and even your appliances. Spray painting is pretty simple, but even a simple job can turn out mediocre without the proper techniques. Common problems with spray painted items include drips and uneven coverage. With that in mind, … Read more The {Correct!} Way to Spray Paint