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How to Paint Your Garage Floor

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Why Paint Your Garage Floor?

The garage isn’t typically the first thing on your list when you consider all the ways you can improve the look of your home. Often forgotten, the garage can actually be an additional living space in your home instead of cold room where junk is piled with no sensible order. Whether it’s a gym space, your workshop, or a space for the kids to hang with their friends, there are simple things you can do to your garage to make it a whole lot prettier without much effort – like painting the floor!

To paint your garage floor, you’ll need the following:


Shop Vacuum
Sherwin Williams Porch and Floor Enamel
H & C Concrete Sealer Wet Look
Paint roller – microfiber roller cover (x2)
Extension pole for paint roller
Optional: Quickcrete for filling holes and cracks
Optional: floor scraper

Start The Painting Project

Step 1: Clear the area!

Get everything off the ground so you can paint. Then, prep the floor by sweeping and vacuuming any loose debris on the floor. Optional: Use a floor scraper to remove any dried-on gunk like glue, sticky mounds of yucky stuff, etc.

Optional: Continue your floor prep by filling any holes or cracks in the cement with Quickcrete. Once this has dried, sanding the surface is recommended.. Of course, this will require more sweeping and vacuuming once you’re done.

Step 2: Mop the floors.

You want this floor squeaky clean before painting to ensure the smoothest coat possible. If you can, power washing the floor is a great way to quickly blast away grime. This requires a lot more prep work, though.

Step 3: Apply Enamel

Using your paint roller, attached to an extension pole (trust us, this will save your back) and one of your microfiber roller covers, apply the first coat of your Sherwin Williams Porch and Floor Enamel. This paint is nearly indestructible. Allow the paint to fully dry and apply a second coat if necessary for full coverage. You won’t need any paint trays for this because you can pour the paint directly onto the floor! It’s awesome!

Step 4: Apply Concrete Sealer

Once your paint is fully dry, apply a coat of H&C Concrete Sealer Wet Look. Other top coats like a DIYer’s go-to polyurethane will turn yellow over time. The Concrete Sealer Wet Look from H&C holds up really well. And that’s it! Allow the sealer to dry completely before walking on the floor. Give it 2-3 days to cure before parking cars in the garage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a good idea to paint your garage floor?

Painting your garage floor can be a good idea for several reasons. Here are a few:

  1. Improved Aesthetics: Painting the garage floor can give it a clean and finished appearance. It can hide stains, cracks, and imperfections, making the space look more appealing.
  2. Protection: A painted garage floor can be more resistant to stains, moisture, and chemicals, which can help prolong its lifespan. This is especially important if you use your garage for various activities, including automotive work or as a storage area.
  3. Easy Maintenance: Painted floors are generally easier to clean than bare concrete. Spills and debris can be wiped up more effectively, reducing the accumulation of dirt and dust.

Do I need to sand the garage floor before painting?

In most cases, you don’t need to sand your garage floor before painting it, but you do need to prepare the surface properly. Surface preparation typically involves cleaning, etching, and sometimes patching depending on the condition of your garage floor.

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