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10 DIY Terrariums

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If you’re looking for the next greatest thing to add to your home, you need to add a terrarium! These adorable DIY terrariums are so cute and you will love the way they look in your home. 10 DIY Terrariums If you want a cute and environmental friendly terrarium, then make this light bulb terrarium … Read more 10 DIY Terrariums

Easy DIY Remodel Projects

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Remodeling can be a pain, but sometimes your home just really needs an update. If you’re dreading the whole remodel process, you may want to check out some of these easy DIY remodel projects. They’re quick to do, inexpensive, and they’ll make a huge difference in your home. Maybe you won’t have a remodel-headache after … Read more Easy DIY Remodel Projects

Easy DIY Bench: Ana White

I love the idea of creating an easy DIY bench for a front porch or back patio. Any good entertainer knows that seating is important, and this is one of the cheapest ways to get it into your backyard. Check out this easy DIY bench today! DIY Bench: How To Build If you are interested … Read more Easy DIY Bench: Ana White

Honeycomb Hexagon Shelves: How To Build It

A few days ago, I was checking in on some of my favorite home decor bloggers when one of them posted a set of STUNNING honeycomb hexagon shelves on her wall. I immediately knew that I wanted some in my own home. If you want some too, use the tutorial below to make it happen. … Read more Honeycomb Hexagon Shelves: How To Build It

Super Easy Ideas For DIY Projects For Old Window Frames

I love the look of vintage window frames. In fact, I came across the most gorgeous pair at a yard sale this last weekend. I fell immediately in love with the frames and knew that I had to use them as decor in my own home. Here are several ways that I plan on turning … Read more Super Easy Ideas For DIY Projects For Old Window Frames

Light Up Your Life With These Bright Lamp Makeover Ideas

If I am being honest, I really hated my living room lamps. They were ancient, boring, and just not very my style anymore. I had been dying for new lamps for quite some time, but couldn’t find anything at the store I loved either. So that’s when I had an idea: why not makeover my … Read more Light Up Your Life With These Bright Lamp Makeover Ideas