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The Easy Way to Fix Dented Corners In Your Home

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It happens to the best of us. We live in our homes for years and years and inevitably, the corners of your walls are dinged by kids, furniture, and even your clumsy self from time to time. Instead of crying over chipped plaster, you can fix all the dings in just a day. Here’s how … Read more

Easy DIY Bench: Ana White

I love the idea of creating an easy DIY bench for a front porch or back patio. Any good entertainer knows that seating is important, and this is one of the cheapest ways to get it into your backyard. Check out this easy DIY bench today! DIY Bench: How To Build If you are interested … Read more

Super Easy Ideas For DIY Projects For Old Window Frames

I love the look of vintage window frames. In fact, I came across the most gorgeous pair at a yard sale this last weekend. I fell immediately in love with the frames and knew that I had to use them as decor in my own home. Here are several ways that I plan on turning … Read more

Easy Farmhouse DIY Decor Items Made From Scrap Wood (But Look Incredible)

 I love to DIY. Obviously. And because I love to tackle any kind of DIY project, I’ve developed a quite impressive scrap woodpile. One of my favorite things to do is use these pieces of scrap wood to make other incredible DIY projects. This week, one of my good friends moved into a new farmhouse … Read more

DIY Canopies for Every Bedroom

DIY Canopies for Every Bedroom| Canopies, DIY Canopies, Bedroom Decor, Easy Bedroom Decor, DIY Bedroom Decor, Do It Yourself Home, Home Hacks, DIY Home #HomeHacks #BedroomDecor

  I love all of these beautiful DIY canopies, they’re easy to make and they are a great way to make your bedroom look more comfortable and more relaxing. 1. Dreamy Copper Canopy Add elements of copper to your space with this airy looking bed canopy.   2. Basic Canopy Give your bed a little … Read more