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This Blog is Built on Sawdust and Enthusiasm.

Welcome to How to Build It!

The Digital DIY Home Improvement Projects Workshop of Practical Tips for Remodels, Designs, Repairs, and Crafts.

Home Improvement Projects

The Hands That Build It

I like to design and build fun things to make my house a home. Sharing these fun projects is possible due to the hard work and dedication of our fabulous blog contributors, who help us bring these incredible projects to you online.

Hello! My name is Jenny, and some call me JJ. Renovating homes, DIY, and building things have been part of my life for years. I’ve become a  house remodel specialist and blogging expert for how to build things yourself. I aim to help people around the world fill their “spare” time with rewarding projects that turn your house into a home where you can be at ease.

Making Our House a Home

I  have three amazing kids and two grandchildren. I wanted to created a nice home for them. Being a single mom meant I had the budget to do things myself, and not hire someone else.

Life is chaotic but beautiful and exciting too. Difficult situations teach us something about ourselves. I’ve learned that home improvement projects and repairs present some of the most challenging obstacles to face. Whether I’m redecorating or remodeling sections of our home, or putting in new landscape features and designs, I know that creative thinking and problem-solving will be a part of the project. I love the challenge, as I know many of you do as well.

Over the coming months, I will be posting tutorials on building furniture, refinishing furniture, DIY projects, and yard and home improvement projects.  My goal is to provide you with practical tips and guidelines so you can build it yourself, whatever “it” may be. Please take a few moments to browse the website, and if you have any questions or content suggestions, please reach out through the contact page. I always love to connect with fellow DIY and craft enthusiasts.