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6 Small Projects That Will Transform Your Home

6 Small Projects That Will Transform Your Home| Easy DIY Projects, Small DIY Projects, DIY Projects for the Home, Home Improvement DIY Projects, Simple DIY Projects, Last Minute DIYs, Last Minute DIY Projects, Popular Pin

Every homeowner feels like their house could use a little transformation now and then. Try any of these home projects that really change the look without a ton of money. Home Projects 1. Add Texture To Your Walls You can purchase a lumber or other materials from your local hardware store that will easily create … Read more

Super Easy Ideas For DIY Projects For Old Window Frames

I love the look of vintage window frames. In fact, I came across the most gorgeous pair at a yard sale this last weekend. I fell immediately in love with the frames and knew that I had to use them as decor in my own home. Here are several ways that I plan on turning … Read more

Totally Easy One Hour DIY Projects

    When it comes to easy DIY projects for the home, you can’t go wrong with these project ideas from How to Build It. You can’t go wrong with these DIY projects for the home! DIY Rock Cactus DIY Frame Lantern A cute DIY project perfect for any corner of your home. Photo Resin … Read more

Build Your Own Solar Panels

Build Your Own Solar Panels| DIY Solar Panels, Solar Panel Projects, Homemade Solar Panels, DIY Home Decor, Sustainable Living, Build Your own Solar Panels

No doubt you have noticed the rising popularity of solar, as well as the expense to have it installed. But did you know you can build your own solar panels? You really can, and it’s not that hard to do. Get ready, because you’re about to see how easy it is! First you will need … Read more