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How to Get FREE Solar Panels

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  During a natural disaster or simple power outage, the loss of electricity can last for long periods of time. You might go without hot water, a cold refrigerator/freezer, and simply lighting after the sun goes down. But, if you have solar panels, you can avoid many of the problems. The trick is affording them … Read more

Build Your Own Solar Panels

Build Your Own Solar Panels| DIY Solar Panels, Solar Panel Projects, Homemade Solar Panels, DIY Home Decor, Sustainable Living, Build Your own Solar Panels

No doubt you have noticed the rising popularity of solar, as well as the expense to have it installed. But did you know you can build your own solar panels? You really can, and it’s not that hard to do. Get ready, because you’re about to see how easy it is! First you will need … Read more