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6 Small Projects That Will Transform Your Home

6 Small Projects That Will Transform Your Home| Easy DIY Projects, Small DIY Projects, DIY Projects for the Home, Home Improvement DIY Projects, Simple DIY Projects, Last Minute DIYs, Last Minute DIY Projects, Popular Pin

Every homeowner feels like their house could use a little transformation now and then. Try any of these home projects that really change the look without a ton of money. Home Projects 1. Add Texture To Your Walls You can purchase a lumber or other materials from your local hardware store that will easily create … Read more

10 Home Improvement Hacks from the Pros

The Right Way to Hang A Gallery Wall| Home| DIY, DIY Home Decor, DIY Crafts, Gallery Wall Ideas, Gallery Wall Layout, Gallery Wall , Gallery Wall Ideas Living Room, Gallery Wall Living Room #GalleryWall #GalleryWallIdeas #GalleryWallLayout

  Planning a home improvement DIY project? Check out these home improvement ideas from the pros at How to Build It! You can’t miss these home improvement hacks!  1. Hanging An Amazing Gallery Wall This tutorial shows you a handful of tips to find success with your very own gallery wall for an easy weekend … Read more

Repair and Remove Worn Caulk

Repair and Remove Worn Caulk| Replace Caulk, How to Remove Caulk, Home Improvements, Home Improvement Projects, DIY Home, DIY Home Hacks, Fast Home Improvements #HomeImprovements #DIYHome

You clean, and clean, and clean but somehow your kitchen counters still look dirty. Did you think to look a little closer at your caulking? Kitchen counter caulking and bathroom caulking deteriorate over time and can really add the the dingy and dirty look of these spaces we strive to keep clean. If it’s been … Read more