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Do-it-Yourself Rock Wall – Building Your Own Rock Wall at Home

Do it Yourself Rock Wall

Covid-19 has wreaked havoc over the world. Everyone seems to be stuck in one place, where they have to function alone. The most damage, however, has been done to our little ones who have nowhere to go and nothing to enjoy. They can’t go out to meet their friends nor can they ask their friends … Read more

How to Revitalize Vintage Furniture with Chalk Paint

Learn how to restore vintage furniture with chalk paint and my simple DIY! I’ve collected vintage furniture for as long as I can remember, and I’m frequently seen looting around estate or yard sales. You can find some gorgeous pieces, and although they may look outdated on the outside, a little chalk paint is all … Read more

Super Easy Ideas For DIY Projects For Old Window Frames

I love the look of vintage window frames. In fact, I came across the most gorgeous pair at a yard sale this last weekend. I fell immediately in love with the frames and knew that I had to use them as decor in my own home. Here are several ways that I plan on turning … Read more

Easy Pallet DIY Dog House Plans That Are Free (And Super Cool)

Our furry friends are like members of our family! And we wouldn’t let the members of our family sit outside when its cold, wet, or raining! And while we can’t let the dogs into the house during every thunderstorm, providing them with a dog house should keep them warm and dry until you get home. … Read more

DIY Box Beam Ceiling That Looks So Professional

 I love the look of exposed beams in homes. It creates such a look of rustic elegance and does so much to improve the character of the home. However, if you were looking to find some beams to leave exposed during your last home remodel, but couldn’t find any, why not try DIYing your own, … Read more

How to Build It: DIY Garden Box

Ever had a desire to learn how to build a DIY garden box? You can grow almost anything inside of a garden box if you want to badly enough! Garden boxes are a great way to utilize all of the available space in your yard while protecting the fruits (or vegetables) of your labor from … Read more