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The Stress-Free Way to Set Posts {Without Concrete!}

Did you know that it is actually completely possible to set wooden posts in your yard without using ANY concrete? It’s true! Setting them without concrete will save you time and money, but there is a correct way to do it in order to prevent rot. Use this guide to learn how to set posts … Read more

Wood Dye – A Popular Wood Finishing Technique

wood dye and how it can be used

When it comes to wood coloring and finishing techniques, a lot of people often get confused between the terms wood dye and wood stain. Most people are familiar with the latter term, but not so much with the former. Others use both the terms interchangeably. However, there are many differences between wood dye and wood … Read more

Do-it-Yourself Rock Wall – Building Your Own Rock Wall at Home

Do it Yourself Rock Wall

Covid-19 has wreaked havoc over the world. Everyone seems to be stuck in one place, where they have to function alone. The most damage, however, has been done to our little ones who have nowhere to go and nothing to enjoy. They can’t go out to meet their friends nor can they ask their friends … Read more

10 Stunning Slope Yard Landscaping Ideas

10 Stunning Landscape Ideas for a Sloped Yard (1)

Here are some stunning slope yard landscaping ideas. If you have an uneven, unruly landscape to work with and you’re getting frustrated, don’t give up yet!  Sloped yards can present special challenges, but they also provide opportunities for creativity that plain-Jane lawns just don’t. Slope Yard Landscaping Ideas Create A Terrace Create terraces on a … Read more

32 Backyard DIYs that are Pure Genius

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Why do you need 32 backyard DIYs? Because your backyard is the focal point of entertaining during the summer months. Check out these incredible DIY project ideas to liven up your backyard space. Amazing Backyard DIYs Cheap 1. Use old pool noodles around your trampoline. Not only does this make things safer, but the fun … Read more

DIY Patio Furniture You Can Build In A Weekend

Summer is here so that means a lot of us are spending more time outside. Enjoy your outdoor space a little more with these easy DIY patio furniture tutorials. Your patio will be transformed instantly! DIY Patio Furniture: Cheap Homemade Cabana I am absolutely in love with this easy tutorial for a DIY canopy. You’ll … Read more