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32 Backyard DIYs that are Pure Genius

Why do you need 32 backyard DIYs? Because your backyard is the focal point of entertaining during the summer months. Check out these incredible DIY project ideas to liven up your backyard space.

If your backyard needs a little love and attention, a backyard DIY idea could be for you. Read this post for more than 30 ideas of things you can do in your backyard to make it a magical place. #backyardprojects #DIYprojects #backyardsummerprojects

Amazing Backyard DIYs

Backyard DIYs


1. Use old pool noodles around your trampoline. Not only does this make things safer, but the fun colors add a really unique touch!

2. If your backyard patio gets too hot, use a curtain system from Ikea. They provide tons of shade. Or build a shade structure!

3. Cinder blocks are great for tons of backyard DIYs. If you are looking for an easier project, paint a few cinder blocks and convert them into pretty planters.

4. Sometimes all you need is a coat of latex paint to liven up a space. Turn your patio from drab to fab by painting the floor tiles fun colors.

Backyard DIYs

5. Remove the light bulbs from a non-working chandelier. Fill with birdseed, and you have the daintiest bird feeder ever!

6. An outdoor chalkboard is sure to be the hit of any neighborhood.

7. Here’s a unique way to repurpose glass marbles–stick them into the holes in your fence! When the sun hits, the marbles look like stained glass!

8.  Rope swings are the perfect addition to any outdoor space. They provide hours of entertainment, and they’re easy to make!

Backyard DIYs

Backyard DIYs for the Kids

9. Turn an old tree stump into a home fit for Tinkerbell. In other words, let the kids build a fairy garden. This is a hit with grandkids!

10. Make a DIY teepee for the kids. They’ll enjoy it for reading, playing and napping!

11. Sew together some decorative pillows. This is perfect for a movie night, or just a nap in the backyard.

12. Lowe’s recommends using an old mail box as a tool box. The mailbox keeps your tools handy, but also keeps them from getting rusty.

DIY stepping stone

13. Bring some industrial pipe into your outdoor space. Pipes work great as garden edging, and you can grow amazing succulents in the tops.

14.Use a large leaf and cement to create your DIY stepping stones. So much cheaper than store bought ones. Get the kids in on it–this is a project they’ll love!

15. Turn a tuna can into an amazing little outdoor lantern. Use a nail to punch holes in the can, and put a battery-operated tea light inside.

16. Spend an entire evening outdoors with beautiful hanging mason jar lights.

More Backyard DIYs Projects

17. Turn a hula hoop into a totally easy (and beautiful) chandelier.

18. Outdoor flower pots and vases can be extremely expensive. Don’t worry! You will save so much money if you paint your own DIY flower pots.

19. Pallet projects are absolutely endless. If you have a hard time keeping your grilling supplies organized, try making a barbecue tool organizer from pallet wood.

20. Another great garden edging option is to turn old wine bottles upside down, and place them in the ground. Totally gorgeous!

21. Create a flat stone floor mat. This is a great way to wash any mud or sand off your feet, plus it feels good! Just be sure to waterproof the frame!

22. Turn an old window into a really chic mirror. Hang mirrors on your fence to make your backyard look tons bigger.

23. Set aside 20 minutes and an old skateboard to make a totally rad skateboard swing. Your kids will love it!

24. Or, make a multi person swing with a pallet and some rope.

 Unique Backyard DIY Projects

Backyard DIYs

25.Use wooden stakes to make the most epic game of outdoor scrabble ever.

26. You can still enjoy the water even if you don’t have a pool. Create a huge “bubble” fit for kids of any age.

27. Paint rocks for your garden. Fun way to decorate your backyard!

28. Make a towel rack out of PVC pipes. You will never have to deal with a wet pool towel again!

Get Ready for the Best Backyard Ever!

29. If your kids are complaining about being bored, use some rope to make a “secret spy” obstacle course!

30. Make a nighttime bowling alley with glow sticks and two liter bottles.

31. Turn a placemat into an outdoor throw pillow. You can even waterproof them!

32. If you are having a party, hang old glass bottles along the fence. Fill with flowers!

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