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10 Stunning Slope Yard Landscaping Ideas

10 Stunning Landscape Ideas for a Sloped Yard (1)

Here are some stunning slope yard landscaping ideas. If you have an uneven, unruly landscape to work with and you’re getting frustrated, don’t give up yet!  Sloped yards can present special challenges, but they also provide opportunities for creativity that plain-Jane lawns just don’t. Slope Yard Landscaping Ideas Create A Terrace Create terraces on a … Read more

DIY Planter Boxes That You Will Love

Spring is one of my very favorite times of the year, and I know that I am not alone! There’s something simply magical about the season of rebirth and something super colorful, too! Freshly bloomed flowers are just amazing. I love to surround my front porch and other areas of my home with DIY planter … Read more

DIY Lawn Edging Ideas for lots of Curb Appeal

Curb appeal says a lot about a house, doesn’t it? And no one on the street likes to be known as “that” house with the ugly yard! Brightening up boring curb appeal is easy with brand-new DIY lawn edging! Stop worrying about whether or not you’re “that” neighbor, and give your home an easy upgrade. … Read more

How to Host a Fun Backyard Party

Backyard party, backyard party decor, DIY party decor, summer party, popular pin, barbecue ideas, barbecue recipes, pool party ideas.

What is better than a backyard party in the summertime? That’s right, literally nothing. I have the best memories of summer parties in my day. Now is the time for planning and preparing to host fabulous parties that will create memories to last a lifetime. I have included various ideas that I hope will provide inspiration. … Read more

10 Uses for Epsom Salt

Epsom salt, how to use epsom salt, clever ways to use epsom salt, popular pin, beauty hacks, beauty uses for epsom salt, health and beauty

 Confession: I genuinely had no idea how versatile Epsom Salt can be until very recently. When I started to look into it, I was blown away by its value. It is the salt of the earth, literally and figuratively! You will be amazed by how many ways you can use this incredible stuff. Just check … Read more