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Gorgeous Indoor Water Fountains That Will Make You WET Yourself

This year, one of my new year’s resolutions was to be more mindful. And for me, being more mindful means taking time to relax and decompress. Though, of course, this is easier said than done for some people! There’s something about running water that relaxes me in just about any situation, so I wanted to … Read more

Easy Energy Bite Recipes

Easy {Healthy} Energy Bite Recipes

We need energy. And in our fast paced society, most of the time we need energy FAST. Like, right now. On the go. Here’s a few easy ideas to whip up your own energy bites for on-the-go storage and accessibility. Gimme Some Oven shows off a great recipe for no bake energy bites. Featuring chocolate chips, … Read more

10 Uses for Epsom Salt

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 Confession: I genuinely had no idea how versatile Epsom Salt can be until very recently. When I started to look into it, I was blown away by its value. It is the salt of the earth, literally and figuratively! You will be amazed by how many ways you can use this incredible stuff. Just check … Read more