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Mother’s Day Lunch and Brunch Ideas

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Mother’s day is right around the corner! No party is too good or too much for my angel mother, and I’m looking all over the place for the best ideas for the best party to celebrate all that she is. We all have special women in our lives who deserve a lot of love and … Read more

Easy Energy Bite Recipes

Easy {Healthy} Energy Bite Recipes

We need energy. And in our fast paced society, most of the time we need energy FAST. Like, right now. On the go. Here’s a few easy ideas to whip up your own energy bites for on-the-go storage and accessibility. Gimme Some Oven shows off a great recipe for no bake energy bites. Featuring chocolate chips, … Read more

20 Gifts in a Jar

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Gift giving is a tricky business. It can lead to extremely elevated levels of stress. And as we know from Bartok from Anastasia, “stress, it’s a killer.” Instead of worrying your way through gift-giving, try this: take a jar. Any jar, really. Fill it. Still confused? Check out these amazing ideas for how to give … Read more

18 DIY Pet Projects and Recipes

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For those little friends we love so much, here a few fabulous ideas you can try yourself. Your pets will love you for these creative signs of extra love. Okay, this is awesome. Homemade shampoo for your furry little friends. Check out Pioneer Settlers for the full tutorial. A homemade chew-toy! This is a great idea from Better … Read more

30 Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas

30 Cinco de Mayo Recipes and Party Ideas

Cinco de Mayo, friends. It’s a fun day. A day with all kinds of fun opportunities to put creative energies into practice. Enjoy a few ideas for the party (parties) of a lifetime. Of course I have started with the most important element of any party: dessert. Desserts: Alexis caught my attention with this picture, and … Read more

15 Irish Recipes for St. Patty’s Day

15 Irish Recipes for St. Patrick's Day

Someday, I will visit Ireland. Yes, that is a bucket list item. For now, while the wallet is still slim, I’ll have to make do with re-creating the Irish experience with their culinary delicacies. For an authentic (and delicious) St. Patrick’s Day, try any of these fabulous recipes. Your taste buds will thank you, and … Read more