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30 Recycled Tin Can Crafts that will Amaze

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Rainy day? Monday? Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday or Sunday? You’re in luck. Bring yourself and your tin cans, and you’re in business. I’m always looking for something to do with my leftover tin cans. Take a look at these recycled tin can crafts you can make! Recycled Tin Can Crafts You can turn them … Read more

How To Build A Kids Lemonade/Watermelon Stand In Less Than 20 Minutes

Just last year, one of my nieces had her first baby girl. It’s been a blast to watch her figure the whole Mom thing out, and we also got a super cute new family member. This July is her first birthday and we are eagerly planning her first birthday bash! And while everyone else gets … Read more

How to Create Faux Stained Glass

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Did you know you can create some gorgeous “stained glass” that will have everyone oohing and aahhing? Thanks to an amazing tutorial over at A Beautiful Mess, you and I can create faux stained glass to beautify and liven up any window in the home. Seriously, no one will believe this was a project you … Read more

14 Effortless St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Kids

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  This is a super easy craft that your kids will love! Take a boring paper plate and turn it into a fun and festive leprechaun! Add a bit of paint for the beard (or orange paper, whatever you want)   Make this fantastic 3D rainbow card for St. Patrick’s Day! It’s fun and, festive, … Read more

12 Lovable Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

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  Make these super cute little Love Monsters! Get together some of your leftover yarn and googly eyes, and you have the easiest holiday craft ever!   Turn a boring paper plate into an adorable heart cow without much work at all! Your kids will love this fun craft project for sure!   Trace your kids’ … Read more