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14 Effortless Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas

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  Use pieces of paper to easily make these fun curly hearts! You just need one strip of paper (that’s really long), and then curl it into the shape of a heart.   Make this gorgeous button heart art that you can hang up anywhere around the house! The best part is that you can … Read more 14 Effortless Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas

10 Projects to Bust the Rainy Day Blues

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  If you have a chalkboard decoration around your home, then chances are you probably haven’t changed it in a while. So, on a rainy day, take some time to write a new phrase or draw a new picture! Have fun and be creative!   You could also consider making a monogram letter that you … Read more 10 Projects to Bust the Rainy Day Blues

30 Ridiculously Clever Things You can Make With Wine Corks

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  You can make cheese spreaders using wine corks. Cheese and wine are such a great combination that this is a brilliant idea for some mini spreaders. You can make a bathmat using all wine corks. It looks so neat and feels great under your feet too.   Make some cute letter earrings with wine … Read more 30 Ridiculously Clever Things You can Make With Wine Corks

22 Crafty Valentine’s Day Projects

Being crafty is always fun, but it can get a little difficult or tiresome at times. Don’t let your exhaustion and creator’s block stop you from decorating this Valentine’s Day! Here are a few fun and fresh Valentine’s Day projects for you to work on! Pallet Heart Do you have a lot of old pallet … Read more 22 Crafty Valentine’s Day Projects

Summertime Activities for Kids

Fun Summer Break Activities for Kids

I am so ready for summer. So. Ready. What’s summer without a bucket-full of delightful activities for the kiddos? I’ve searched around for some ideas and come up with some truly fabulous (if I do say so myself) ones. Check these out as you begin your plans for a summer of fun! Learn how to … Read more Summertime Activities for Kids

Mother’s Day Lunch and Brunch Ideas

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Mother’s day is right around the corner! No party is too good or too much for my angel mother, and I’m looking all over the place for the best ideas for the best party to celebrate all that she is. We all have special women in our lives who deserve a lot of love and … Read more Mother’s Day Lunch and Brunch Ideas