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12 Tips to Help You Not Be A Stupid Cupid This Valentines Day

  No matter how easy it may seem, don’t fall for clichés on Valentine’s Day! Don’t just do all the “expected” Valentine’s Day things because you think that’s what your significant other would want. Find things unique to them and go with that.   Speaking of avoiding clichés, make sure you do and buy things … Read more

15 DIY Valentine’s Day Home Decor Ideas

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Make your very own Valentine’s day wreath that you can hang up anywhere around the house. It can go on the door, on the wall, or anywhere you want! You can make it out of pretty much any Valentine’s day-themed material that you find! You could also make a Valentine’s day garland. Just get some … Read more

22 Crafty Valentine’s Day Projects

Being crafty is always fun, but it can get a little difficult or tiresome at times. Don’t let your exhaustion and creator’s block stop you from decorating this Valentine’s Day! Here are a few fun and fresh Valentine’s Day projects for you to work on! Pallet Heart Do you have a lot of old pallet … Read more

My Delicious Valentine’s Day Recipes

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Who doesn’t love a few absolutely delicious Valentine’s Day recipes? I’m all for having a nice fancy dinner but on holidays? Forget it! There is nothing I hate more than fighting crowds, lost reservations, cold nights…No thanks! To combat that I’ve decided to make Valentine’s Day an event at home. Breakfast. Lunch and Dinner. BOOM. … Read more