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12 Tips to Help You Not Be A Stupid Cupid This Valentines Day


No matter how easy it may seem, don’t fall for clichés on Valentine’s Day! Don’t just do all the “expected” Valentine’s Day things because you think that’s what your significant other would want. Find things unique to them and go with that.



Speaking of avoiding clichés, make sure you do and buy things that your SO will like. Maybe, instead of flowers, they want a surprise lunch. Instead of a box of chocolates, maybe they want some fruit! Keep it unique and personalized to show you know and care about your SO.

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Money is a touchy subject around Valentine’s Day, but it’s important to not be too cheap while also not spending too much. Find a nice money balance that you and your SO are comfortable with (be honest) and then plan your day around that.



And you’ll want to make sure that you plan your Valentine’s Day early. If you start planning it the week of, then you’re going to run into some problems. You two should sit down a few weeks before and figure out what you want to do.



If you’re hitting a road block, follow these three simple steps for a good Valentine’s Day: dinner, gifts, activity. Go to dinner, get each other gifts, and have some sort of romantic activity planned. You can’t go wrong with this format!



There’s no need for the man of the relationship to plan everything. You and your SO should plan Valentine’s Day together so that no one is disappointed or stressed out. You can plan little surprises for each other throughout the day, but the bulk of it should not fall on one person. It’s really important to be honest with your expectations. If you want a big and expensive dinner, say something. Don’t just let it go unsaid, because you’ll hold onto the resentment. Be open and communicate honestly with each other.



If you decide to cook dinner at home, make sure to plan way ahead of time. Pick out a meal you’ll both like, buy the ingredients a two or two before (so they’re fresh but you’re not scrambling to get them), and cook in your skill zone. You may even want to try some practice attempts at the meal beforehand if you’ve never done it before.



No matter how many invitations you get, you should spend Valentine’s Day alone with your SO. Avoid getting sucked into family or friend parties. Valentine’s Day is about you and your SO—nobody else!



It’s vital that out of all days, you and your SO unplug during Valentine’s Day. Put your phone away or turn it off if you have to. It’s about your relationship, and you don’t want to be spending the day on your phone.



Do your best to avoid talking about what your friends are doing or what they got for Valentine’s Day. This is tacky and can make your SO feel unappreciated. This is especially important if your SO put a lot of work into Valentine’s Day. Just focus on what you two are doing!



While you can fill Valentine’s Day with exciting adventures like going on hikes or skiing, you should also have at least one romantic activity planned. Whether it’s a couple’s massage, spa day, or something else, do something romantic together.



Remember that it’s okay to keep Valentine’s Day simple, as long as you keep it classy. You don’t need to rent out a ballroom or reserve a carriage to make it special. Just do something simple but that your SO will appreciate.


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  1. I agree that beeing unique is the most important in this day. My boyfriend know how important is to me when I feel he care about me and then I feel special 🙂 He always find a nice way to show me it, for example ha gave me a star from Kingdom of Universe as a symbol of our relationship (he lived then far away from my city). Thank to gift like that I know I mean a lot to him 🙂


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