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Feel Lucky with 15 FREE St. Patrick’s Day Printables

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Celebrate St.Patrick’s Day with these fun (and adorable!) St. Patrick’s Day printables. Use them to decorate your home for St.Patrick’s Day. Print out one of these St. Patrick’s Day printables today! Print off this “piece together leprechaun” your kids can make on St Patrick’s Day! It will have movable arms and legs, making it a … Read more

12 Tips to Help You Not Be A Stupid Cupid This Valentines Day

  No matter how easy it may seem, don’t fall for clichés on Valentine’s Day! Don’t just do all the “expected” Valentine’s Day things because you think that’s what your significant other would want. Find things unique to them and go with that.   Speaking of avoiding clichés, make sure you do and buy things … Read more

15 Delectable Valentines Day Desserts

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  These Valentine’s Day muddy buddies look absolutely delicious! Just mix some pink and red M&Ms into the mix and add a few drops of light red food coloring! So fun!   You can also use Valentine’s Day M&Ms to make these colorful M&M brownies! It’s a super easy recipe and perfect for Valentine’s Day! … Read more

12 Lovable Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

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  Make these super cute little Love Monsters! Get together some of your leftover yarn and googly eyes, and you have the easiest holiday craft ever!   Turn a boring paper plate into an adorable heart cow without much work at all! Your kids will love this fun craft project for sure!   Trace your kids’ … Read more

12 Frugal Family Activities For The 12 Days of Christmas

  While I break out the heavy duty Christmas decorations around mid-November, I think it’s always fun to make some with my family! You can make garland to go around the house, snowflakes, or anything else you want. The ideas are endless!   Another great craft idea is to make salt dough Christmas tree ornaments. … Read more