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9 Easy Ways to DIY Mirrors for Your Home

Take a tray and turn it into a mirror with this great idea! You can choose whatever size or style of tray that you want, as long as it works well and looks good! Make a classic wooden frame mirror that can be used in pretty much any room of the house! The best part is … Read more 9 Easy Ways to DIY Mirrors for Your Home

18 Clever Elf on The Shelf Ideas

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Make a cute little entrance that your elf can use for his “home.” You can even add a little welcome mat to make things cuter and more cozy! Have the other toys hold the elf “hostage” one night! It’s a fun setup to create and your kids will really get involved when they wake up … Read more 18 Clever Elf on The Shelf Ideas

15 Killer Decorating Tips

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Floating shelves look great, take up less space than traditional shelves, and can really pull a whole room together. Decide how many shelves you want, and then install them in the perfect spots! Put décor on them as you see best. Flowers are one of the best ways to decorate your home or yard! They … Read more 15 Killer Decorating Tips