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The Stress-Free Way to Set Posts {Without Concrete!}

Did you know that it is actually completely possible to set wooden posts in your yard without using ANY concrete? It’s true! Setting them without concrete will save you time and money, but there is a correct way to do it in order to prevent rot. Use this guide to learn how to set posts … Read more

How to Stain Your Concrete Floor {Easily!}

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Concrete used to be thought of as a plain surface that you couldn’t do much with. But nowadays, it is entirely possible {and even easy!} to stain your concrete surfaces and give them a nice color. Let’s learn how to stain concrete floors from an expert. Concrete stains come in either water or acid-based, and … Read more

Curb Appeal Color Schemes For Your Exterior

10 Gorgeous Paint Colors for Your Home Exterior

Curb appeal is called curb appeal for a reason, it makes your home look appealing…from the curb! Regardless of the neighborhood in which you live, curb appeal is massively important, especially when selling your home. If your home is looking a little dingy from the curb, don’t let it any longer! Try one of these … Read more

How To Make Microwavable Heat Packs

A heated pack feels great on cold feet during a winter evening, but, it is well known that heat also helps to soothe sore muscles. Applying heat to sore muscles will soothe tightness and helps to promote better blood flow. It’s even said to be more effective than cold therapy when treating muscle and arthritis … Read more

Barndemoniums: Modern Barn Homes

If you thought the farmhouse trend was big on Pinterest last year, you haven’t seen anything yet! Barn homes are still sweeping the Pinterest world, and I constantly see new homes built in my area with these barn home characteristics! Learn more about the modern farmhouse look, and how to get it in your own … Read more

Irresistible Old Home Charm (And How To Create It In Your Newer Home)

When my husband and I were looking for our first house, I really wanted something with a little old home charm. Something with arched entryways and elaborate crown molding. Maybe even the original hardwood floors! Unfortunately, all of the homes we looked at required too much demo to make them livable, so we settled on … Read more