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Curb Appeal Color Schemes For Your Exterior

10 Gorgeous Paint Colors for Your Home Exterior

Curb appeal is called curb appeal for a reason, it makes your home look appealing…from the curb! Regardless of the neighborhood in which you live, curb appeal is massively important, especially when selling your home. If your home is looking a little dingy from the curb, don’t let it any longer! Try one of these … Read more

Clever Ways to Dress Up An Ugly Foundation

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  Don’t let an unsightly, visible home foundation scare you away from a perfectly good home. Use your imagination and picture the potential! If you’ve been looking for ways to dress up some cinder blocks, we have 8 ideas for you.   1. Paint It You’ll need a durable, outdoor paint for this job. Not … Read more

Paint Your House in Only Five Steps!

Paint Your House in Only Five Steps!| How to Paint Your House, Painted House Tips and Tricks, Home Improvement, Home Improvement Projects, DIY Home, DIY Home Improvement, Popular Pin #HomeImprovement #DIYHome

So many homes are glanced over because of their sad curb appeal. But one simple way to add a ton of points to the visual appeal of your home is to give the outside a whole new coat of paint. This easy project requires time and patience. But very little skill is needed to perform … Read more

It’s Time For A Facelift: 10 Projects That Will Instantly Increase Curb Appeal

It’s Time for a Facelift: 10 Projects That Will Instantly Increase Curb Appeal – How To Build It| Curb Appeal Projects, Curb Appeal Projects for the Home, Home Projects, Outdoor DIY, Yard and Landscaping Tips, Fast Home Improvement Projects, DIY Home Improvement Projects

Are you looking for curb appeal projects? Whether or not you are planning to sell, if you increase curb appeal you only lend value and beauty to your home. There are some great DIY projects you can do to instantly boost curb appeal. Here are 10 curb appeal projects that anyone can do. Curb Appeal … Read more

{Cheap} Curb Appeal Projects that Will Transform Your Home

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Never underestimate the power of curb appeal, or how simple it can be to improve it! These great projects can help you sell your home or love the home you’re in!   Painting Paint the front door a bold color while still coordinating with the rest of the exterior paint and décor. This easy project … Read more