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{Cheap} Curb Appeal Projects that Will Transform Your Home

Never underestimate the power of curb appeal, or how simple it can be to improve it! These great projects can help you sell your home or love the home you’re in!

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Paint the front door a bold color while still coordinating with the rest of the exterior paint and décor. This easy project is a sure way to make your home stand out on a street of plain jane’s. You might also consider painting your trim or shutters.

Inexpensive Curb Appeal Projects



Super simple and easy: install a new mailbox. You might be surprised how much this can add to the curb appeal of your home.




Add some greenery to your front yard by planting a tree or two. Fairly inexpensive and doesn’t take too long with some determination and a shovel (and maybe a helper or two!).



Improve Landscaping

Of course, it always helps to keep your lawn green and trimmed. You can also enhance the landscaping with flowers, rocks, ponds and waterfalls, etc. (garden gnomes not recommended, ha ha).curb4


Power Washer

Wash off the outside of your house using a powerful garden hose or a power washer (you can rent those). However, power washers can ruin stucco, so be careful! Start from the top of your house and work your way down.



Fix and Clean Driveway

Clean up the driveway by removing junk and fixing cracks in the cement or pavement. Remove any stains that may have come from leaking cars and, if needed, talk to a professional contractor to fix bigger issues and concerns.curb6


Light Fixtures

Update the light fixtures on your porch and around the outside of your home. Consider installing small lights to line the walkway to your front door.




Edge your driveway using bricks, pavers, or stone. Choose one that you like and just go for it! However, make sure the style and color match the rest of your home!



Flower Boxes

Install flower boxes below the windows. A timelessly charming look, and you can even build them yourself! Flower boxes don’t just add style and color, they also make your home seem brighter and happier!


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