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12 Totally Fast Bathroom Updates

Bored with your bathroom? It’s time to beautify! Get inspired with these ideas:



12 Totally Fast Bathroom Updates (1)




1. Install new knobs on the cabinets.

One fun idea: re-purposed door knockers! Such an adorable idea from Better Homes and Gardens. 8 Fast Fixes for Your Bathroom

2. Install hanging mirrors

Hang from a cool knob with a beautiful ribbon. For effect, also hang antique hand mirrors next to the large mirror.


3. Buy a new shower curtain and towels.

Chances are, it is time for some new ones anyway! I so often forget to buy fresh towels in my home. This idea is from On Sutton Place.

4. Recycled Shower Curtain

If you don’t want to buy a new shower curtain, you can create one from towels! A surprisingly cute look! You could also make towel curtains to cover a window or frame the vanity.fix4

5. Add a Pop of Color

If you’ve got a plain white bathroom, add some color to one wall (or all of them!). Looks especially dynamic behind the vanity.fix5

Image from Better Homes and Gardens.

6. Back Splash

Install a back splash behind your sink and around the vanity.


7. Jazz Up Your Mirror

Frame your bathroom mirror by adding trim around the edge. This makes for a much more finished look.

12 Totally Fast Bathroom Updates

Image from Rema-Soft.

8. Update Your Light Fixtures

Go bright! Go beautiful! This simple update will make your bathroom look completely different!

12 Totally Fast Bathroom Updates

Image from Bathroomist

9. Recycle Old Crates

Old crates make excellent storage bins for extra toilet paper or other bathroom necessities. This excellent upcycling idea is from Real Simple.

12 Totally Fast Bathroom Updates

10. Organize Your Drawers

There is nothing more embarrassing than rifling through your filthy bathroom drawers. Make locating your products easy with a drawer organizer.

12 Totally Fast Bathroom Updates

Image from Real Simple.

11. Change Your Shower Head

You heard me, finally get rid of that shower head with no water pressure. You will feel better, and your guests will too!

12 Totally Fast Bathroom Updates

Image from Finest Shower

12. Boost Storage Space

If your bathroom is in need of some storage space, add a shelf of two above the toilet. You can store products here, or simply use it as a space for decorating!

12 Totally Fast Bathroom Updates

Cute idea from Dwelling In Happiness

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