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Paint Your House in Only Five Steps!

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So many homes are glanced over because of their sad curb appeal. But one simple way to add a ton of points to the visual appeal of your home is to give the outside a whole new coat of paint. This easy project requires time and patience. But very little skill is needed to perform the task. Thanks to DIYer Danny Lipford, here are 5 easy steps to repainting your own home.

The first step to repainting your own home is doing the prep work. This will have the greatest effect on the final product. Start by cleaning the surface. A pressure washer will quickly remove dirt, grime, moss, mold, and loose paint. If you over do it, your pressure washer will dig into the siding of your home. So be sure to step back a few feet before blasting the outside of your home clean.

Once you’ve sprayed the entire house clean with a pressure washer, allow it to dry. Then take a wire brush or paint scraper to remove left over loose caulking and peeling paint. Then using 80-grit sandpaper, soften edges of chipped paint. This will improve the final look of your new coat of paint.

Once you’ve removed all debris from the surface of the exterior walls, begin patching bare spots with primer. Your primer should be specific for exterior surfaces. If you’re painting over oil-based paint, you’ll have to prime the entire house.

Once your primer has dried, you may now add the top coat of paint. Use a 4 inch brush for siding and other flat surfaces. A narrow, tapered brush should be used for window sashes and trim. For large surfaces, you may also use a paint sprayer – not to be confused with spray paint!

Once you’ve finished painting, be sure to clean your brushes so they can be used again another day. Latex paint can be removed from brush bristles using warm water and dish soap. Oil-based paint will require a paint thinner for cleaning off brushes.

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