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How to Paint Your Garage Floor

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Why Paint Your Garage Floor? The garage isn’t typically the first thing on your list when you consider all the ways you can improve the look of your home. Often forgotten, the garage can actually be an additional living space in your home instead of cold room where junk is piled with no sensible order. … Read more

How to Treat Branches for Wood Branch Decor

Wood Branch Decor, Wood Branch Home Decor, Wood Branch Crafts, Wood Branch Centerpiece, Wood Branch Hanging Decor

If you have the right kind of wood laying around, you can use it for all sorts of home decorating ideas – curtain rods, baby mobiles, wall decor, and many other things. The trick is to correctly prep and treat the wood to avoid rotting, bugs, peeling, and staining. For this project you will need … Read more

DIY Canopies for Every Bedroom

DIY Canopies for Every Bedroom| Canopies, DIY Canopies, Bedroom Decor, Easy Bedroom Decor, DIY Bedroom Decor, Do It Yourself Home, Home Hacks, DIY Home #HomeHacks #BedroomDecor

  I love all of these beautiful DIY canopies, they’re easy to make and they are a great way to make your bedroom look more comfortable and more relaxing. 1. Dreamy Copper Canopy Add elements of copper to your space with this airy looking bed canopy.   2. Basic Canopy Give your bed a little … Read more

Paint Your House in Only Five Steps!

Paint Your House in Only Five Steps!| How to Paint Your House, Painted House Tips and Tricks, Home Improvement, Home Improvement Projects, DIY Home, DIY Home Improvement, Popular Pin #HomeImprovement #DIYHome

So many homes are glanced over because of their sad curb appeal. But one simple way to add a ton of points to the visual appeal of your home is to give the outside a whole new coat of paint. This easy project requires time and patience. But very little skill is needed to perform … Read more

Do You Know the Correct Way to Hang Curtains?

Do You Know the Correct Way to Hang Curtains? Hang Curtains, Cool Ways to Hang Curtains, Hanging Curtains, DIY Curtains, DIY Home, DIY Home Decor, How to Hang Curtains, Hanging Curtains the Right Way, Popular Pin

  Curtains can make all the difference in any room. With great patterns, colors, and materials, you can go any design-direction you please – but before you get ahead of yourself and start drilling holes in your wall, you may want to rethink your curtain rod placement. Initially you might think “Duh, just frame the … Read more