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The Stress-Free Way to Set Posts {Without Concrete!}

Did you know that it is actually completely possible to set wooden posts in your yard without using ANY concrete? It’s true! Setting them without concrete will save you time and money, but there is a correct way to do it in order to prevent rot. Use this guide to learn how to set posts … Read more

Things You Should Never Call A Plumber For (Because You Could Easily Do It Yourself)

I’m going to admit it, before I got married I wasn’t much of a do-it-yourselfer. I lived by the mentality that it was just easier to pay a handyman to do it for you. ESPECIALLY if it was plumbing related. But my husband has taught me a thing or two over the last couple of … Read more

How To Caulk Like A Pro: Caulking Tricks Shared By A Professional

The best way to learn how to caulk like a pro, is to learn from a pro. That’s what this article is all about. The inside scoop to caulking tricks shared by a professional. If you ask me, caulking is one of those skills that every DIYer MUST have. Simply because the skill is so … Read more

Condensation: How To Fix Foggy Windows

Isn’t it annoying on rainy, humid days when the glass windows of your house fog up? And not only is it annoying to look at, but it’s embarrassing when guests see, too.  Fortunately, there’s a quick and easy fix, find out more below, here’s how to fix foggy windows fast! ** Note: When working on … Read more

How to Build Your Own DIY Fireplace Mantel

Every home needs a gorgeous fireplace mantel! You can liven up your home with the simple addition of a DIY fireplace mantel, and I am more than happy to show you how my husband and I installed one in our home. Follow our method for the most gorgeous DIY fireplace mantel! Here’s what you’ll need … Read more

How to Install Beadboard In Your Home

It’s easy to install beadboard! For years I’ve loved what the simple addition of beadboard does for the entirety of your home. Seriously, in just a quick DIY your home is immediately classier! If you want to install beadboard in your own home, use my easy DIY method. Here’s how to install beadboard in your … Read more