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Black Diamond on a Tape Measure – A Quick Explanation

Black diamond on a tape measure

Tape measures are undeniably a vital tool for construction work. That said, they are also needed for performing various tasks at home. Some examples include measuring space for new furniture, building a bookshelf, or hanging shelves or other items. So, if you’ve used a tape measure, you must have noticed that they may have a … Read more

How To Caulk Like A Pro: Caulking Tricks Shared By A Professional

The best way to learn how to caulk like a pro, is to learn from a pro. That’s what this article is all about. The inside scoop to caulking tricks shared by a professional. If you ask me, caulking is one of those skills that every DIYer MUST have. Simply because the skill is so … Read more

12 Life Hacks That Will Save You Thousands

12 Life Hacks That Will Save You Thousands| Life Hacks, Home Hacks, DIY Home Hacks, Easy Home Hacks, Easy Life Hacks, Life Hacks for the Home, Home Improvement Hacks, Popular Pin #HomeHacks #LifeHacks

1. Make Your Own Cleaning Solutions This simple hack will save you nearly $50 a year. 2. Install Dimmer Switches Swapping out your standard light switch for a dimmer switch is super easy. Bonus: you can set the mood in any room. 3. Season Your Own Wood Buying your wood in the spring time and … Read more

7 Things You Forgot To Put In Your Emergency Preparedness Kit

The American Red Cross recommends that everyone have a 72 hour (or three day) kit of supplies in case of emergency. In many cases, it’s important to have a kit full of everything you’ll ever need (usually stored in a large suitcase or duffel bag). Here’s what you should put in your own emergency preparedness … Read more

20 Small Space Living Hacks

20 Small Space Living Hacks

Small space living is never easy. It’s hard to get organized, and even harder to stay organized. Make the most of your small spaces with these life hacks sure to impress even the most skeptical. If your goal is to have a library, this tip is for you. Install shelving along the top of your walls. … Read more

22 Kitchen Hacks that Will Change You Forever

Home upgrades, DIY home, home improvement, DIY home improvement, popular pin, home projects,

The kitchen is hands down the busiest room in the house. It is the heart of any household, and there is constant foot traffic through the kitchen. Don’t let the thought of a disorganized or messy kitchen keep you from entertaining. With these 22 amazing tips, you can have a fun and functional kitchen. 1. … Read more