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Closet Shelving – The Ultimate Way to Enhance the Storage Space in Your Closet

closet shelving

How many times have you groaned in frustration when you couldn’t find the outfit you were planning to wear at work because your closet is just too messy? How often do you plan on organizing your closet, but you never find the time to do it? Well, as much as a closet is an essential … Read more

12 Awesome Ideas For A Small Laundry Area

Ugh, the laundry room. It causes great sighs often in my home. Laundry is just one of those chores that is never fun. But if you can decorate a space and make it a fun one to be in, chores aren’t really that bad after all right? Here are a few small laundry area ideas. … Read more

10 Creative Housewarming Gift Ideas

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Moving can be stressful for anyone. Whether it’s to a college dorm, a first house, or a 10th house, everyone needs to be welcomed to a new place in a time of transition. These housewarming gift ideas are something your friends and new neighbors will cherish.   10 Creative Housewarming Gift Ideas Housewarming Gifts: First Home … Read more

Laundry Closets So Nice You Will Want To Hide In Them

I love the idea of a laundry closet. Especially if you don’t have the space for a full on laundry ROOM. These laundry closets only take up a bit of space, and you’ll have everything you need to keep your clothing squeaky clean. Revamp your least favorite chore (and maybe even the least favorite closet … Read more

Above The Rest! Attic Spaces That Are Top Notch

We’ve never really utilized our attic space, except as a place for storage. Last weekend, I went to work decluttering our attic space, and we got rid of a TON. My husband created a storage shelf for the boxes we just couldn’t get rid of. Now, our attic is a completely open room and the … Read more

DIY Ideas For A Pot Rack

My brother has officially been in his new home for a week now! And while we are still fully occupied with remodeling areas of his house, it’s been so fun to see what we have tackled so far come together. However, just the other day we realized that he doesn’t have enough cabinet space for … Read more