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Cloffice Ideas – Make Your Home Office More Productive

Cloffice ideas

Cloffice is a relatively new term. However, it has become a popular solution for several professionals working from home. Thus, it’s a clever and convenient organization solution, especially for those with children in their families. In this article, you can learn several cloffice ideas that you can incorporate in your home. What Is a Cloffice? Before … Read more

Above The Rest! Attic Spaces That Are Top Notch

We’ve never really utilized our attic space, except as a place for storage. Last weekend, I went to work decluttering our attic space, and we got rid of a TON. My husband created a storage shelf for the boxes we just couldn’t get rid of. Now, our attic is a completely open room and the … Read more

Back to School Homework Stations

DIY Back to School Homework Stations

Getting back into the routine of school can be a frustrating transition after a summer of playing. But putting together a homework station for your kids can help motivate them to do what they need to. By organizing all the things they need for school work, they’ll be super super prepared for any assignments! I love … Read more

Creative Home Office Organizing Ideas

Creative Home Office Organizing Ideas

So, I freely admit that my home office is the most cluttered and least human-appropriate room in my whole house. So…really this is kinda selfish post. I needed it! The best ways to revamp that difficult space are right here, my friends. Wave goodbye to the old and ugly, usher in the new and fantastic. … Read more

8 Clever Ways to Renovate Your Garage

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A garage can be a great space to have if you organize and use it in a smart way. Yes it’s true, your garage can be more for you than a mess to be avoided. Here are some great garage renovation ideas: Home Gym For a large garage, consider using a portion of it as … Read more