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Kitchen Upgrades That Homeowners Can Tackle Themselves

Since we are spending so much time indoors these days, my husband and I thought it would be a great time to finally upgrade our kitchen. And we put together a list of fast kitchen upgrades that you can do all by yourself. Keep reading below to check them out (and find the tutorials!). Kitchen … Read more

Opposites Attract! White Cabinets Black Granite

I spend a great deal of time on Pinterest and I have noticed an interesting trend in home decor and design over the last couple of months: it seems like everyone wants to pair white cabinets with black granite! Personally, I love the look and have considered remodeling my kitchen with look of white cabinets … Read more

5 Frugal Kitchen Updates You Can’t Afford To Pass Up

I’ve always said that the kitchen says a lot about the rest of your house. And when we were looking to purchase a new house a few years ago, I always judged the kitchen SUPER harshly. After all, nothing can make a home look dated quite like a kitchen in need of an update does. … Read more

Creative DIY Ideas For Kitchen Backsplashes That Don’t Use Tile

 I love the look of a pretty backsplash. It really does wonders in regards to completing a space. But have you ever thought about creating kitchen backsplashes that doesn’t use any tile at all? Believe it or not, it’s possible. And they look incredible! Here are a few of my favorite DIY kitchen backsplashes that … Read more

DIY Ideas For A Pot Rack

My brother has officially been in his new home for a week now! And while we are still fully occupied with remodeling areas of his house, it’s been so fun to see what we have tackled so far come together. However, just the other day we realized that he doesn’t have enough cabinet space for … Read more