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12 Life Hacks That Will Save You Thousands

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1. Make Your Own Cleaning Solutions

This simple hack will save you nearly $50 a year.

2. Install Dimmer Switches

Swapping out your standard light switch for a dimmer switch is super easy. Bonus: you can set the mood in any room.

3. Season Your Own Wood

Buying your wood in the spring time and seasoning it yourself will save you hundreds of dollars.

4. Pick A Light Color For Roof Tiles

A lighter-colored roof will absorb less heat and save you money of cooling during the summer.

5. Put Your Computer To Bed

When you aren’t using your computer, change the power setting to “Sleep”. This will save you almost $100 each year.

6. Replace Outdoor Equipment In The Fall

Grills, lawn care tools, and patio furniture go on sale this time of year.

7. Prune Your Garden Plants

Instead of chopping down overgrown, unsightly plants, chop them down to a more manageable size to save cost on replacing them altogether.

8. Grow Your Shade

Cover your home in shade trees. They may take a while to grow nice and tall but they’ll cut down your AC costs and likely add to your resale value.

9. Install Ceiling Fans

For better air circulation (and cheaper heating/cooling), install ceiling fans in your bedrooms and living areas.

10. Buy A Smart Strip

These efficient power strips can save you a whopping $240 a year in electrical costs.

11. Don’t Put A Fridge Or Freezer In Your Garage

Many homeowners put an extra fridge or freezer in their garage for more cool food storage space. But your equipment has to work extra hard in the summer months to keep cool in the garage. If you HAVE to have this extra space, put it in a storage closet or laundry room.

12. Install A Timer In Your Shower

Never again wait for your teenager to finish their lengthy shower. This nifty little gadget shuts off the water after a set amount of minutes and saves you tons on water heating costs.

I got all of my money saving tips and tricks on these blogs and websites. Enjoy!

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