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How to Create a Stock Tank Pool

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If you’re dreading another hot summer day with no relief, don’t! We’re going to teach you how to create a fabulous stock tank pool in your own yard for a little stay-cation oasis.

Gather Your Supplies:

One stock tank

A very solid foundation


Massive umbrella for shade

Pool toys

Gorgeous foliage

Decide Where You Are Going To Put It

Your stock tank (depending on the size) is going to be very heavy once it is filled with water. Therefore, you’ll need a solid and level foundation to set it on. If you choose to set it above grass, prepare for the grass beneath the stock tank to die. Suggestions for a foundation include a wooden deck, gravel lot, and a dug out pit in the ground.

Fill It With Water

Once you’ve placed your stock tank, fill it with water. If you have the know-how, you can add a simple filtration system to your stock tank pool that will keep your water clean and clear.

Provide Some Shade

You can place a large umbrella over the top of your stock tank pool for added shade!

Spruce It Up

Another nick name for this style of pool is “the hill billy hot tub”. Your stock tank pool can avoid the trashy name with a bit of added curb appeal.

Round Up The Pool Toys

Pick out a comfy floatie or two for some glorious relaxation in your new stock tank pool.

Surround Yourself With Seating

Creating a real gathering space for your stock tank pool area.


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