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Black Diamond on a Tape Measure – A Quick Explanation

Tape measures are undeniably a vital tool for construction work. That said, they are also needed for performing various tasks at home. Some examples include measuring space for new furniture, building a bookshelf, or hanging shelves or other items. So, if you’ve used a tape measure, you must have noticed that they may have a black diamond in addition to the measurements in inches, feet, and possibly centimeters and meters. Thus, this article will provide an explanation of the use of a black diamond on a tape measure. This way, you can take full advantage of this common tool. is the ultimate resource for home improvement and DIY projects! Learn how to operate all of your building equipment! Start easy with this guide to measuring tapes and what the black diamonds indicate.

Markers for Simplifying Work

Typically, tape measures have several different markers to make construction workers’ work easier. So, they can save time and work more efficiently. Thus, you can also use these markers by understanding them.

There are black boxes, red boxes, and black diamonds around the numbers on your tape measure.

black diamond on a tape measure

Red and Black Boxes

The red boxes on a tape measure are present after every 16 inches. Thus, this indicates the most common distance between studs in traditional buildings and homes. On the other hand, the numbers in the black boxes are spaced 24 inches apart. Therefore, they signify the average distance between stud placements in small buildings such as sheds.

The additional distance is for buildings with lighter weight loads. Thus, you can use these number boxes to place studs quickly.

Black Diamond on a Tape Measure

A black diamond on a tape measure

The black diamond on a tape measure is placed between the 16 and 24 inches markings. Therefore, the diamonds distinguish a measurement commonly used in building a chimney of concrete blocks. However, you can use this marker for other purposes as well.

With a marking at every following 19.2, you can place studs with this measurement. You can use this measurement to allow for more weight loads by using fewer wood pieces. However, make sure to double-check that it meets the building codes in your region before you settle on this measurement. You can save a lot of time building if it does.

Last Few Words

Different measuring devices

Of course, not everyone is looking to build an entire house. However, you can still use the black diamond on a tape measure if it meets the building codes in your area. The great thing about this measurement is that you can use it to build a sturdy shed with a little less work. If not, you can also resort to using the markings in the red and black boxes.

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