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Home Selling Hacks Every Homeowner Should Try

Though I’m not planning on selling my house anytime soon, one of my good friends is. And she’s invested my help to get her home sold and off the market as soon as possible. To help make her home even more attractive to potential buyers, we are using a few great home selling hacks. Some of these … Read more

12 Furniture Painting Hacks That Everyone Should Know

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  This may seem too obvious, but it needs to be said. Before you even start painting your furniture, you should choose the correct type of brush. The length, thickness of bristles, and overall quality will make your project a lot easier (or a lot harder) so it’s worth paying attention to.   To keep … Read more

15 Christmas Hacks that Will Change Your Holiday Season

Spruce up boring plates by adding a simple strip of chalkboard tape and then decorating it however you want! You can even just add the tape to get a Santa themed plate! Before you hang up your Christmas lights, add a bit of color to them. Spray paint the wire a festive color (like gold!) … Read more

10 Hacks to Help You Cut Down on Home Waste

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When it comes to food waste, a great way to take care of that is to compost it. Things like coffee grounds, veggie shavings, and other food waste can be composted to not only reduce home waste but can also help your garden to thrive! When you’re cooking or boiling vegetables, don’t just throw the … Read more

10 Hacks to an Organized Cleaning Closet

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Install an over the door hanger to store your cleaning supplies in. You can store whatever supplies work best there (from small cleaning bottles to hanging up the broom), it’s a great way to make everything organized! Baskets and bins are perfect for organizing your cleaning supplies. Make it cute and fun by using wicker, … Read more