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10 Hacks to Help You Cut Down on Home Waste

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When it comes to food waste, a great way to take care of that is to compost it. Things like coffee grounds, veggie shavings, and other food waste can be composted to not only reduce home waste but can also help your garden to thrive!


When you’re cooking or boiling vegetables, don’t just throw the water out! You can actually use this water to water your plants. And the best part is that not only are you reusing water, but it has nutrients from the veggies so it’s better for your plants!


The best way to cut down on home waste is to not produce it! Buy durable products that won’t break or expire before you use them and make sure you buy the right amount of food. No need to buy in bulk if your family doesn’t love the food, most of the food is just going to go to waste!


When buying products that you and your family use frequently, do your best to buy in bulk. Large containers create less waste than multiple smaller ones. So, when you can, buy in bulk to save money and help reduce home waste!


However, be careful with this. Sometimes stores will just combine a bunch of small items into a big collection to look like its bulk, but this actually waste even MORE material! So don’t just buy several small containers, buy actual bulk material!


Whenever possible, upcycle the containers that you do have to use around your home for storage and organization. You can add some fabric to them to get drawer organizes, storage bins, etc.


When you go grocery shopping, try to buy products that have reusable and refillable containers. Things like water jugs and some drink brands allow you to bring the old container and fill it up again! This is often  cheaper and helps to reduce waste!


This may take some time and effort, but try to remove yourself from as many junk mail lists as possible. This will prevent you the annoyance of sifting through unwanted mail and also help reduce home waste!


Instead of throwing away items that you don’t need, use, or want anymore, try to donate them or give them way. If you have a bunch of milk, for example, that’s going to go bad before you can drink it, then be proactive and give it away! Do the same for clothes and items you don’t use anymore!


When it comes to reducing home waste, you can’t forget about recycling! It’s a great and pretty simple solution to home waste, and it’s great for the environment.

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