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10 Hacks to an Organized Cleaning Closet

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Install an over the door hanger to store your cleaning supplies in. You can store whatever supplies work best there (from small cleaning bottles to hanging up the broom), it’s a great way to make everything organized!

10-hacks-to-an-organized-cleaning-closet2Baskets and bins are perfect for organizing your cleaning supplies. Make it cute and fun by using wicker, wire or fabric covered baskets. Add labels for even more organization.


Don’t be afraid to add labels to all of your cleaning supplies and storage devices to make things so much more organized. Not only does this help you keep them in the right place, but anyone else who needs to use your supplies will know exactly where to find them! I’m a lover of anything chalkboard, and these labels from Amazon are my favorite! They’re fun to write on, and they last an incredibly long time!


Use Mason jars to store small things like dishwasher soaps or other tiny items. It’s a really cute and fun way to store items like scrub brushes, sponges, and those old toothbrushes you use to scrub your tile grout! All without taking up too much space in your closet.


Add command hooks to the walls of the closet or the back of the door. Use them to hang brooms, mops, and other items that you can! Use as many or as few hooks as you feel is necessary!


If your closet is deep enough, installing shelves is the perfect way to  create more storage and organizational space. You can use floating shelves or an actual cubby shelving unit to keep things organized.


A classic twist way to organize cleaning supplies is with a tension rod. If your closet is small, then you can use a tension rod across the closet and store things like spray bottles, gloves, or anything else you want.


Pegboard is great for organizing because it looks absolutely amazing, and it’s completely functional. You can even paint or decorate the pegboard to match your color scheme, and in some cases you can order the pegboard in the color you want.


This idea doesn’t work for every closet, but a lazy susan can really help you utilize the most of the space in your closet and save you from knocking over a bunch of cleaning supplies whenever you’re trying to just reach one of them.


For those with kids who do chores, keep a checklist on a basket full of cleaning supplies. You can keep them on the actual cleaning materials to make it even easier!

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