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20 Genius Ways to Store Your Coffee Mugs

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  • Attach some pegs to the wall that you can use to hang your mugs. If the pegs are deep enough then you can hang multiple mugs on each one.
  • Get a cubby system that you can use to store your coffee mugs. It can be as big or as small as you need, just make sure there’s a space for each mug.
  • Get a big slab of wood and attach rods, hooks, pegs, or something else on them to store your mugs. This is great if you’re going for a rustic and farmhouse theme!
  • You could also take a cutting board and drill some holes into it and adding some nails. Just hang the mugs from these nails and you’ve got a fun organizer!
  • Take a garden pallet and turn it into a mug holder! Simply add a few hooks here and there to maximize storage space.


  • Get this holding rack that looks great! Not only that but it rotates and you have storage on all sides of it!
  • Use a sheet of pegboard to get your coffee mugs in order. You can even paint the pegboard to give it a fun and unique look!
  • A plank of wood, all rustic and natural, looks great for coffee mugs. Simply attach hooks or something similar so you can store the mugs.
  • Floating shelves are a good addition to the kitchen and allow for more storage for your mugs without taking up a lot of space. They can go anywhere they fit.
  • Attach some hooks to the bottom of your shelves or cupboards and then hang your mugs from them! You can add just the right number that you need!


  • For outdoor storage, consider this cylindrical metal cage. You can make your own out of a tomato cage or you can buy this actual product. Whatever you do, it looks great and you’ll be amazed at it’s storing capacity!
  • Convert a towel rack into a mug organizer! Just hang the mugs from the prongs of the towel rack and you’re good to go!
  • Turn a coat rack into a mug organizer. Just remove the coats and relocate your current rack into the kitchen! The mugs hang right on the hooks.
  • If you want to get really creative, try hanging your mugs from strings from the ceiling! It looks like an art exhibit, and I don’t see it done too often!
  • Get a cute basket that you can use to store your coffee mugs. Add a fun liner to it that makes storage easier and safer. You can even add your favorite drink mixes like chamomile tea or hot chocolate!


  • Take drawers, attach the bottom side to the wall, and you now have cute little containers you can store your mugs in. I love how rustic and homey this feels!
  • Get one of those metal branch decorations and use it to hang mugs! Just attach it to the wall and then hang the mugs off the prongs on the branches.
  • Get a tall pole with pegs or hooks on it and then use it to store your mugs. You could use a standing coat rack or just any pole with hooks in it.
  • Color code your mugs to get a fun visual to your kitchen! Doing a gradient of colors to make the storage even more effective. And you’ll always know where to put the mug back when you’re done!
  • Thin slices of wood can be used to store mugs. Just hang them on the wall, add a few hooks, and space them out as much as you want to create decorations from the organizers!

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