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DIY Patio Furniture You Can Build In A Weekend

Summer is here so that means a lot of us are spending more time outside. Enjoy your outdoor space a little more with these easy DIY patio furniture tutorials. Your patio will be transformed instantly! DIY Patio Furniture: Cheap Homemade Cabana I am absolutely in love with this easy tutorial for a DIY canopy. You’ll … Read more

Into The Woods: Tiny Cabins

I’m not going to lie. There have been several points in our lives where my husband and I have considered selling everything and going to live in a tiny cabin instead. While we’ve never actually done so, we hope to make it happen sometime in retirement. However, what’s more surprising to me is that my … Read more

How to Pave A Front Walkway

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    Plan your walkway based on the diagram below: For a traditional paver walkway, you’ll have layers of gravel paver base, sand, and pavers with palameric sand in the joints. Instead of using a gravel base, this tutorial uses interlocking base panels with eliminate the need for a gravel base. This saves back breaking … Read more

Bust the Summer Blues with 6 Backyard Games

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“I’m Bored” gets used way too much in my house. I decided to do something about it! These games are easy to set up and so much fun to play. Gigantic Ball Toss Use a tarp (you can find them at Home Depot) and cut out holes. Each whole is worth a different amount of … Read more