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DIY Day: How To Blow Out Your Sprinkler Lines

Fall is quickly approaching and my husband and I are beginning to decide when we want to prep our yard for the cold season to come. Prepping the yard for winter is never my favorite thing to do because I get so sad to say farewell to Fall! Not to mention, some of the prep … Read more

Shut The Front Door: Simple Ways To Prevent Door Drafts

For years, my husband and I have had the hardest trouble with door drafts! It seemed like nothing we could do made our back door stop feeling drafty! However, one of our friends shared these simple ways to prevent door drafts with us, and I don’t know why we didn’t implement them before. Keep reading … Read more

Homeowner Protection Tips: How To Keep Your Front Door From Being Kicked In

Keeping your family safe is top-of-the-line important for just about any parent. But did you know that your front door can actually be kicked in with relative ease? It’s true. And a flimsy front door isn’t going to do much to keep your family safe. Fortunately, these tips and tricks will help prevent your front … Read more

Home Selling Hacks Every Homeowner Should Try

Though I’m not planning on selling my house anytime soon, one of my good friends is. And she’s invested my help to get her home sold and off the market as soon as possible. To help make her home even more attractive to potential buyers, we are using a few great home selling hacks. Some of these … Read more