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How To Reshingle A Roof

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Learn how to reshingle a roof with these easy tips and tricks. Use a simple four prong pitch fork so strip off old shingles. Lay it flat under the old shingles and push up – avoid digging into the materials below the shingles. Pry them right off the roof. Next thing you want to do … Read more

How to Update Door Hardware With Only Paint

Door hardware is a huge expense when you consider every single door in your home. Changing out just one door won’t do it. You’re going to want them all to match. But, if you have the time and the patience, this is one DIY project than can be done in your own garage for less … Read more

Refinish Tile Grout For Cheap!

Refinish Tile Grout, Tile Grout, How to Refinish Tile Grout, Bathroom, Bathroom DIY, Home Improvement, Home Improvement Ideas, Home Improvement Projects

Do you have old, discolored grout that is driving you crazy? Have you spent hours and hours of scrubbing, only to be disappointed when it looks the same? This is the post for you! It is ENTIRELY possible to refinish your grout and have it looking fantastic, and you can do it for cheap! Get … Read more