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How to Build Your Own DIY Fireplace Mantel

Every home needs a gorgeous fireplace mantel! You can liven up your home with the simple addition of a DIY fireplace mantel, and I am more than happy to show you how my husband and I installed one in our home. Follow our method for the most gorgeous DIY fireplace mantel! Here’s what you’ll need … Read more

How to Install Beadboard In Your Home

It’s easy to install beadboard! For years I’ve loved what the simple addition of beadboard does for the entirety of your home. Seriously, in just a quick DIY your home is immediately classier! If you want to install beadboard in your own home, use my easy DIY method. Here’s how to install beadboard in your … Read more

How to Make A New Pallet Wall

How to Make A New Pallet Wall| Pallet Wall, DIY Pallet Wall, Pallet Projects, Pallet Ideas, DIY Home, Home Decor, Home Decorating Ideas, DIY Project

Creating your own pallet wall is one of the easiest DIY projects you’ll ever do!  There is a little prep work involved and you’re going to need a few tools: Table saw Electric sander Nail gun and compressor (or a simple hammer and nails works as well) Stud finder Chalk line level A ladder to … Read more

10 DIY Projects That Will Increase Your Home’s Value

10 DIY Projects That Will Increase Your Home’s Value| Home Improvement DIY, Home Improvement, Home Improvement On a Budget, Home Improvement DIY On A Budget

  1. Bathroom Renovation A great home improvement DIY is adding organization and storage to a small bathroom. If potential buyers see a tiny bathroom that won’t fit their needs, they might be turned off to the entire house. Increase the efficiency in small bathrooms with strategically placed shelving and storage. 2. Front Porch Cleanup … Read more

How to Remove Plaster from Brick

How to Remove Plaster from Brick| Remove Plaster, Remove Plaster Brick, Brick Wall, Brick Wall Interior, Brick Wall Decor

Uncovering an old brick wall inside of a fixer-upper home is like striking gold. Brick wall interior, archways, fireplaces, and more add to much character to a home. These days, it’s even on trend to add faux-brick accents as a home improvement project! If you’ve uncovered original brick in your home and you’re looking for … Read more

8 Home Hacks That Stop Plumbing Leaks

8 Home Hacks That Stop Plumbing Leaks| Home DIY, Home Improvement, Home Improvement DIY, Home Hacks, DIY Home Hacks, Home Hacks DIY

Got a plumping leak that needs fixing? This home hack will stop plumbing leaks for an easy home improvement DIY project. 1. Thread Seal Tape When you’re fitting pipes together by thread, a good way to make sure there are no leaks is to first cover the male end of the thread in thread seal … Read more