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Easy Picture Wall Ideas Using Templates

One of my favorite parts of my house is our hanging picture wall. There are tons of pictures dedicated to this one wall and we love looking back on our memories throughout the years. Use the tutorial below to make your own picture wall. Easy Picture Wall Ideas Using Templates Templates There are several different … Read more

Light Up Your Life With These Bright Lamp Makeover Ideas

If I am being honest, I really hated my living room lamps. They were ancient, boring, and just not very my style anymore. I had been dying for new lamps for quite some time, but couldn’t find anything at the store I loved either. So that’s when I had an idea: why not makeover my … Read more

The Essentials Of Minimalist Decor

Just recently, I’ve really started to get into this whole “minimalist decor” thing. In fact, my husband and I completely remodeled our living room a few months ago to look more minimalistic! One of the things I love most about minimalist decor is that a little really does go a long way. If you find … Read more

Must Have Components for Industrial Decor

My husband and I have taken our skills as a DIY team and decided to start flipping houses! We are currently working on our third home (the first one was such a learning process!) and it’s our goal to transform it from a cozy cottage into a space that resembles an industrial loft. It’ll be … Read more

How to Build Your Own DIY Bookcase

Have you ever tried to build a DIY bookcase? I was so surprised at how easy the project was! With a few 2x4s a handy dandy nail gun, and an idea in mind, you can have fast book storage in no time at all! Here are few of my favorite DIY bookcase plans! But, of … Read more

How to Install Beadboard In Your Home

It’s easy to install beadboard! For years I’ve loved what the simple addition of beadboard does for the entirety of your home. Seriously, in just a quick DIY your home is immediately classier! If you want to install beadboard in your own home, use my easy DIY method. Here’s how to install beadboard in your … Read more