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Light Up Your Life With These Bright Lamp Makeover Ideas

If I am being honest, I really hated my living room lamps. They were ancient, boring, and just not very my style anymore. I had been dying for new lamps for quite some time, but couldn’t find anything at the store I loved either. So that’s when I had an idea: why not makeover my existing lamps with a little hot glue and some craft store materials? Check out my ideas for the project below.

Paint Your Lamp

Bored with your by-the-book lamp? Don’t be! It’s easy to brighten things up with a quick spray paint job.To repaint and makeover an existing lamp, you’ll want to remove the lamp shade and set it aside. Next, place a drop cloth over your workspace to protect what’s underneath from paint splatter. After you’ve decided which color to go with (the DIYer below went with a bright shade of pink!) spray paint the base of your lamp. Allow the paint to dry between coats. For a glossy finish (like the one below) I recommend this kind of spray paint. Again, make sure you let your creation fully dry before using it somewhere in your home.

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