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How to Stain Your Concrete Floor {Easily!}

How to Stain Your Concrete Floor {Easily!} – How To Build It| Concrete Floor, Stain Your Concrete Floor, How to Stain Your Floor, How to Paint Your Floor, How to Stain Concrete, How to Epoxy Concrete, Concrete Epoxy Hacks, How to Make Your Concrete Look Great

Concrete used to be thought of as a plain surface that you couldn’t do much with. But nowadays, it is entirely possible {and even easy!} to stain your concrete surfaces and give them a nice color. Let’s learn how to stain concrete floors from an expert. Concrete stains come in either water or acid-based, and … Read more

Fix Squeaky Door Hinges With This…

Squeaky door hinges are the worst! I always used to wake my husband when I get up to get ready in the mornings because the door squeaks every time! We lived with it for an incredibly long time until my husband finally used WD-40 to silence things a bit. Oh, and if only we had … Read more

How To Use A Drywall Anchor

For a long while, I never thought that I needed to use drywall anchors. I mean, I was only hanging up picture frames and heavy (ish) wall decor! However, I hung a heavy mirror in my home a few years ago without the help of anchors, and ended up absolutely destroying my drywall! Whether you’re … Read more

8 Home Hacks That Stop Plumbing Leaks

8 Home Hacks That Stop Plumbing Leaks| Home DIY, Home Improvement, Home Improvement DIY, Home Hacks, DIY Home Hacks, Home Hacks DIY

Got a plumping leak that needs fixing? This home hack will stop plumbing leaks for an easy home improvement DIY project. 1. Thread Seal Tape When you’re fitting pipes together by thread, a good way to make sure there are no leaks is to first cover the male end of the thread in thread seal … Read more

Refinish Wood Floors Without Professional Help!

Refinish Wood Floors, Refinish Wood Floors DIY, Refinish Wood Floors Before and After, Home Improvement, Home Improvement Tips, Home Improvement DIY, Home Decor, Home Decor Ideas

Sometimes instead of completely replacing the old wood floors in your home, all they need is a little TLC. You can refinish your wood floors all on your own to save time, money, and the huge hassle of ripping them up. If you’re removing carpet, look here for easy instructions to do it yourself. You’ll … Read more

6 Things New Homeowners CANT Forget About

6 Things New Homeowners CANT Forget About| Homeowner Hacks, Home Hacks, Home Improvement, Home Maintenance Hacks, DIY Home, Home Tips and Tricks, DIY Home Improvement. #HomeHacks #HomeImprovement

    1. Change Your Filters Filters play a big part in efficiency and the cost of utilities. By regularly changing your filters, you’ll save your appliances from over-working themselves. When it comes to your heating system and your dryer, changing the filters can save you from accidentally burning your house down. 2. Keep Records … Read more