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12 Home Repair Hacks Everyone Should Know

12 Home Repair Hacks Everyone Should Know| Home Repair, Home Repair DIY, Home Repair on a Budget, Home Repair Hacks, Home Repair Projects #HomeRepair #HomeRepairDIY #HomeRepaironABudget

Home repairs can cost a pretty penny. Especially since they all seem to happen at once. Instead of hiring out for simple home repairs, there are many home repair DIYs to do yourself! Use these DIY home repair hacks for all things home repair. No more need to call a professional when you could easily … Read more

How to Fix Your Broken Refrigerator

How to Fix Your Broken Refrigerator| Fix Your Refrigerator, Refrigerator Hacks, How to Fix A Refrigerator, Easily Fix A Refrigerator, DIY Home, Home Improvement, Home Improvement Hacks #Refrigerator #DIYHome

  Fridge repair doesn’t have to be scary, but fixing a broken refrigerator can be tricky! Refrigerators are expensive to replace. So hearing a funny sound or noticing a leak can make your stomach twist into knots. Before you panic and call the repair man, check out our list of easy DIY fixes anyone can … Read more

How to Finish Drywall Without the Help of Professionals

How to Finish Drywall Without the Help of Professionals| Finish Drywall, Drywall Repair, How to Repair Drywall, Easily Repair Drywall, Popular Pin #Drywall #RepairDrywall

Drywalling is a task that tends to be performed by professionals only. But little did you know, you can easily install drywall on your own, saving thousands of dollars on home improvement projects. Installing The Drywall Tools: Drywall screws Drywall Drywall Dimpler Bit Drill Drywall Rasp Utility Knife First, measure the section of wall needing … Read more

6 Things New Homeowners CANT Forget About

6 Things New Homeowners CANT Forget About| Homeowner Hacks, Home Hacks, Home Improvement, Home Maintenance Hacks, DIY Home, Home Tips and Tricks, DIY Home Improvement. #HomeHacks #HomeImprovement

    1. Change Your Filters Filters play a big part in efficiency and the cost of utilities. By regularly changing your filters, you’ll save your appliances from over-working themselves. When it comes to your heating system and your dryer, changing the filters can save you from accidentally burning your house down. 2. Keep Records … Read more