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12 Home Repair Hacks Everyone Should Know

Home repairs can cost a pretty penny. Especially since they all seem to happen at once. Instead of hiring out for simple home repairs, there are many home repair DIYs to do yourself! Use these DIY home repair hacks for all things home repair. No more need to call a professional when you could easily DIY your way out of a situation with these handy hacks. These home repair hacks are simply amazing for all things home repair on a budget.

DIY Home Repair Hacks

1. Patch a hole in the drywall with this home repair hack from yours truly! All you need is a specialized kit and the tutorial mentioned above.

2. Loosen a stuck door, replace the anchors, and prevent drafts with these tips and tricks Not only that but completing these tips will make your home more secure because it’s more difficult to kick a door in.

3. Old caulking can make your home look older (and less clean) than it really is. Repair it easily with this guide of mine. You’ll be amazed at how a little thing like this really updates a space. It’s amazing!

4. Update your bathtub by quickly refinishing it with a kit from Amazon. Seriously, all you have to do is follow the instructions on the kit (and make sure you allow for plenty of drying time) and you’ll make a completely remodeled bathroom. This is one of my favorite DIY home repair hacks.

5. Patch an air mattress my melting a hot glue gun stick with a lighter and then using it to close up the hole. It’s easiest to do this while the mattress is inflated. Repeat the process until the hole is filled.

6. Don’t worry about calling a plumber for a clogged toilet. Often times, issues like these can be fixed at home; saving you money. Check out this post of mine for more.

Home repairs

7. Looking for an easy home repair project on a budget? Why not update your backsplash? I DIY my own recently, you can check that out here! It didn’t take much time at all (in fact, we managed in only a weekend) and it has already increased the value of our home.

8. Scrape the popcorn off an outdated popcorn ceiling with this easy how-to. This literally shaves decades off of the look of your home.

Scraping popcorn ceiling-DIY home repair hacks

9. Walnuts will repair dents in wood! It’s true. To get rid of small scratches or dents in hardwood, simply rub a walnut over the area. It will fill in the crack or divot and make it look like new! It’s a pretty convincing fix if you ask me!

10. Have an area of baseboards that have seen better days? I’ve been there. Our dogs ruined a whole section. Fortunately, this YouTube tutorial will help you replace them at home, easily.

DIY Home Repair hacks

11. Removing wallpaper sucks, so why not go at it the easy way? Purchase some liquid wallpaper stripper from Lowes. Apply a thick coat to your wallpaper, wait thirty minutes, and go at it with a scraper. It will seriously just melt off.

12. Replace outdated lighting with this great guide from The Home Depot.

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