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30 Recycled Tin Can Crafts that will Amaze

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Rainy day? Monday? Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday or Sunday? You’re in luck. Bring yourself and your tin cans, and you’re in business. I’m always looking for something to do with my leftover tin cans. Take a look at these recycled tin can crafts you can make! Recycled Tin Can Crafts You can turn them … Read more

Easy DIY Garden and Outdoor Furniture Ideas

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Ah, those summer months. As the sun smiles upon us we sigh and smile blissfully, and then we get to work. Furniture for your great outdoor home is an important part of the summer. Try a few of these ideas for a fun makeover! I love this idea from¬†Sarah. Personally, sitting outside on a simple … Read more

10 Great Places to buy Wallpaper

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It is so darn hard to find good wallpaper. And wallpaper is much needed. Faced with such a dilemma I have compiled a list (complete with representative photos) of the best places to search. You’re welcome. ūüôā Best place to start:¬†Potterybarn Kids. So cute, and so durable. One of my favorite places is¬†West Elm. Their … Read more

12 DIY Entryway Projects

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The entryway is traffic for trouble. The perfect place to track in mud, grass, and kids (somehow those always seem to go together). Unfortunately, this dump pile is often an eye sore. If you nodded in agreement to that, I have good news! Your entryway is about to get so much better. Hooks and Baskets … Read more

How to Renovate Your Wooden Door

How to Renovate Your Wooden Door

Being a woodworker seems to be more troublesome at times than it is worth. ¬†Every time I knock on a wooden door that is aging, I just picture in my head what a difference it would make to their home if they were to re-finish the door. Step 1: Preparation Remove all of the hardware … Read more

7 {Low Cost} Ways to Update Your Cabinets

7 {Low Cost} Ways to Update Your Cabinets

A small face lift on old cabinets can go a long way if it is done correctly. ¬†You can breathe new life into cabinets without having to spend the money on new ones. ¬†Here are some easy low cost methods to giving those old cabinets a new look. A Fresh Coat of Paint Wood can … Read more