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Fun Things to do with Old Doors

I love repurposing old junk and turning trash into treasure. Recently I came across a photo of an old door that had been revamped and turned into something awesome. Turns out, there’s lots of things you can make out of cool vintage doors. Check out this list of old door ideas to get your creativity … Read more

22 Ridiculously Clever Recycled Entertainment Center Projects

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  You can turn an old entertainment center into a baby changing station.   You can make the perfect little dog house that still goes with your household decor scheme.     Make your own craft station to hold all of your supplies. Old entertainment centers that had doors will work perfectly so you can … Read more

14 Weird and Clever Repurposed Decorating Ideas

14 Weird and Clever Repurposed Decor Ideas

I’m kinda a repurposing junkie. I admit it shamelessly. I mean honestly, what’s better than taking something old and weird and making it new and weirder?! But good weird. Really good weird. It’s the best, and these ideas will get you on the right road. I had lots of fun finding these fun uses for … Read more

Filing Cabinet Upcycle and Recycle Ideas

Awesome Ways to Upcycle a Filing Cabinet

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you hope for the future. Filing cabinets have been known to be the bane of my existence. Ugly, bulky, space-hogs, but unfortunately also essential. A little research has given me some ideas that have inspired serious filing cabinet upgrades. Check these out for hope and future happiness.   This is … Read more

13 Fun Projects to Make with Old Windows

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Aren’t old windows just charming? There’s something about them that just feels like a memory. I love looking at them and thinking about the kids of things they have seen. Tap into their power and use their lovely selves for new projects with these fun projects. Love this from Cottage Instincts: They took some old windows, … Read more

Easy DIY Garden and Outdoor Furniture Ideas

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Ah, those summer months. As the sun smiles upon us we sigh and smile blissfully, and then we get to work. Furniture for your great outdoor home is an important part of the summer. Try a few of these ideas for a fun makeover! I love this idea from Sarah. Personally, sitting outside on a simple … Read more